Admission Policy

Policy Of Admissions, Number, Alteration And Reservation Of Seats

Policy of Admissions:-

  1. The University shall be open to all persons irrespective of gender caste, creed, religion race or class, and it shall not be lawful for the University to adopt or impose on any person, any test whatsoever of religious belief or profession in order to entitle him/her to be admitted as a student in the University or to graduate thereat or to enjoy or exercise any privilege
  2. The University shall maintain an all- India character and high standards of teaching and research and shall provide merit based admission in a fair and transparent manner. The merit of a student will be strictly determined through a common national level entrance examination conducted by the University either individually or jointly with other
  3. Admission in the University shall be open to Indian citizens, Non-Resident Indians, and persons of Indian origin. However, the University shall also admit foreign students as per the Government of India and State Government guidelines.Provided that titles, eligibility criteria and duration of Degree programs shall be strictly as per the specifications of degrees prescribed in UGC Regulations.Provided further that lateral entry shall be allowed only as per the provisions of regulations of regulatory bodies, as may be applicable to a program.Provided further that equivalence for entry level eligibility shall be decided as per Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for foreign students.Provided further that no students passing eligibility examination from unrecognized Board or unrecognized University shall be allowed admission or grant of degree by the University.
  4. For NRI/Foreign students, admission shall be made on merit of marks obtained in the qualifying examinations as per provisions of regulatory bodies, as may be applicable.
  5. Where admissions are to be given by an agency determined by the State or Central Government, the University shall follow the norms and procedure prescribed for such admission.
  6. The University where necessary, may also consider score/merit in Entrance Tests conducted by any other State level /National level agency appointed by the relevant government for admission to any
  7. Such students as are enrolled by duly constituted University in the country may be allowed to migrate to this University with the approval of Academic Council as per provisions of regulatory
  8. Admission:-
    1. The admission and enrollment in various programs / programs of the various Department/ Faculties of the University including reservation of seats shall be in accordance with the procedure and policy laid down in the Ordinances of the University.
    2. Admissions to various programs of the University shall be made strictly on the basis of merit.
    3. Merit for admission to various programs of the University may be determined either on the basis of marks or grade obtained in the qualifying examination and achievements in co- curricular and extracurricular activities or on the basis of marks or grade obtained in the entrance test conducted at the State level either by an association of the Universities offering similar programs, or any agency of the State. However, admission in professional and technical programs shall be made through entrance tests only.
    4. The number of seats including enhancement or alteration thereof in different programs of various Departments/ Faculties of the University shall be fixed by the Board of Management on the recommendation of the Academic Council, with the prior approval of the Chancellor for each Academic
    5. The University will adhere to the criteria of reservation in admission as per the policy of the State Government.

Number of Seats in the University :-


The Board of Management on the recommendation of the Academic Council, with the prior approval of the Chancellor , shall fix the number of seats in various programs of the University at the beginning of each academic session in accordance with availability of teachers and infrastructure and as per permissions received from regulatory bodies.



Alteration of seats in different programs:-


  1. The Academic Council may propose the alteration of seats in different programs to the Board of Management through the Vice Chancellor.
  2. The Vice Chancellor shall recommend the alteration of seats to the Board of Management stating reasons for such
  3. The Board of Management with the prior approval of the Chancellor, may approve the alteration as proposed by the Academic Council and recommended by the Vice Chancellor. Provided that such alteration shall not be made for those programs for which regulatory bodies permit specific number of seats.



Reservation of Seats :-


  1. Reservation in admission to the University for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Special Backward Classes, Women and Physically Challenged persons shall be provided as per the policy of the State Government.
  2. In respect of candidates belonging to Schedule Castes/Schedule Tribes or Other Backward Classes in all the programs of study, the Government rules shall be applicable for determining the eligibility criteria for admission.